Monday, May 18, 2015

Letters of the past, present and future...

This past week I was looking over some letters I have written and others have written to me.  I thought I'd like to start a series of letters.  Tid bits of love saved for myself and others for a later time.  I appreciate reading these and have been impressed to share some.  If it's not your thing, then move right along…

Letter to my daughter and future fiancé:

Dear Emmeline Sage and STBSIL,                                                                  February 15, 2015

I am dumbfounded that you are getting married!!!  Right now, you barely even talk about boys but you do smile oddly when a cute boy walks by or yell at me when I say hi to the popular boys at school.   I know you like them but are afraid to talk about it.  Just like you blush and try to avoid talking about puberty and the facts of life. ;)

Emme you have an amazing talent to love others.  You have a gift of a tender heart.  You love your family.  I love watching you with your friends and with your siblings.  You can play with Eva as well as you can play with our 18 year old babysitter!  You will accomplish so much!  I know you will want to study, what, I don’t know.  Whatever it is, you will do it fantastically.  My guess is you will desire to serve a mission.  Now, I think that would be a fantastic opportunity for you and that you could help many find Jesus Christ, but if you choose not to go and get married instead, I will know it is because you felt it in your heart that God wanted not to go.

Emme, you are at a critical point in your life right now.  I know that you will make the best decision to marry the right man.  However, look at your fiancé:  Does he work hard like your Dad? Is he a worthy priesthood holder like your Father?  Does he love you and puts you second in his life, first being God?  Does he want kids and is he good to his Mom? 

Being a wife and a mother is not easy.  However all the hard work is worth it!  I have you, just as a small example! ;)  Don’t put off having kids!  They are the true joy in life!  I find it a privilege to be a wife to a man that loves God more than me and who is a fantastic Father!  You are so incredible lucky; you were raised by a prefect Dad.  Yes, no one is perfect but he was the perfect fit to raise you!  Emme once you learn to embrace motherhood, with all the messes and sleepless nights you will find a joy that I can’t express.  Stay home with your kids; you will never see them take their first steps again.  I am blessed to do that.  I have loved watching you grow!  You have surpassed all my expectations!  You are rare!

Now soon to be son-in-law, welcome to the family.  Enter if you dare!  We are so thrilled that Emme has chosen you and you have chosen her!  She is a rare rose among thorns.  Now, I expect you to know this and remember this for the rest of your life, Emme is as precious to me as water is to a traveler in the Sierra’s.   Now, I have been tempted to threaten you if you hurt my daughter in the slightest, but I too have been married a long time and know it is not easy, so I know there will be pain, but let me teach you how to love a woman deeply and she will respond and love you beyond your understanding; listen to all the craziness, even if it doesn’t make sense, scratch that, especially when it doesn’t make sense, all she needs is a nod and say, “I know, that’s just crazy.”  Give Emme wings to fly!  She loves to do her own thing but she will always return home to her sounding board, aka, you.  Women need to get out and socialize and not feel guilty.  Let her go, smile and clean up while she’s gone.  She will respond will affection and respect.  Encourage her to remember her true heritage.  She is a beloved daughter of God.  PLEASE, treat her as such!

Now that all the counsel is over, you’ll notice that I didn’t hound on Emme as much, there is a reason.  I had 18 years to already do that, if she hasn’t figured out yet, good luck STBSIL!  You’ve got this!


Mom from the past

PS I love you more!

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